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Faster than a F-117 Night Hawk, more powerful  than a rotary gun, cherylwyattpromopicable to write a novel in 6 weeks, look…at the computer, it’s Cheryl Wyatt. Cheryl’s emotionally-packed stories bring ‘real life’ situations onto the page with warmth, beauty, and humor. She has so many characters to choose from, who will she choose as her favorite and why?

So we’re stepping away from stories written in a distant time-period or parallel universe and moving to modern day romances; Cheryl’s specialty. And attraction? Woohoo, from page 1, whether through misunderstandings or realization, there’s some sort of immediate flame between the hero and heroine .

A Soldier's PromsiCheryl publishes a new book through Steeple Hill every few months 🙂

 I’m so delighted to have her here.

 To learn more about her books, especially the Wings of Refuge series, visit her website at:


Alright, onto the questions:

Who is your favorite hero &/or heroine from any book you’ve written (They don’t have to be from the same novel) and why are they your favorites?

Wow. This is tough. I think my favorite hero is Aaron Petrowski from soldier daddySoldier Daddy (IN STORES NOW) because he is such a great leader to the pararescue teams he leads. And he is a great dad to his boys and weathered the loss of his first wife like a five star soldier.

Favorite heroine would probably be Chloe from the book I just turned in that will release in June of 2010. It will be titled Steadfast Soldier. Chloe is an occupational therapist who uses rescued animals to help rehabilitate humans. I really grew to love her in the story because of her heart for people and animals.

To read a review about Soldier Daddy, click here: http://community.eharlequin.com/review/soldier-daddy

What is the behind-the-scenes story behind these two characters? Where did you get your ideas for them?

Fellow writer Tina Radcliffe (whose stories you will LOVE when she sells and she’s SO on the verge) of www.seekerville.blogspot.com.A Soldiers Family

I was plotstorming this story and she sent me this video. I knew my heroine would be an OT who uses rescued animals to rehabilitate humans. This video below was the happiest sad thing I have ever seen and it solidified in my mind that I wanted my heroine fashioned after the woman featured in this story. She is a true hero. Grab tissues and enjoy! Prepare to be touched. 🙂


(Pepper insert: Wow what a moving video and amazing inspiration.)

 The hero of Soldier Daddy was an unexpected treat as far as getting to write his story. I had planned 7 books in the Wings of Refuge Series, but my friend Robin Miller (years ago…when there were only two books contracted in the series) said she dreamed there would be 8 books total. I thought that odd because there were only 7 guys on the PJ (Pararescue Jumper) team and each story featured one guy on the team. BUT, there was this commander who was mentioned in each book that you never saw on-screen. That was Petrowski. Kind of like Charlie in the old show Charlie’s Angels, Aaron Petrowski has been this entity, this force in control and who gave orders off screen but he never appeared in the books. The reason for that was you knew he had pulled away from the dangers of pararescue for a couple of years to raise his infant twins.

 I had a car accident caused by an impaired driver in April a year and a half ago. I had a story idea turned in to Steeple Hill that they were considering that was part of the Wings of Refuge series. Three days after my wreck, I was headed into one of several surgeries to repair fractures from the wreck, and they offered me not just one but TWO book contracts. They suggested the second book be Aaron’s story because they wanted him to have his own happy ending. So while I hadn’t originally planned to have Aaron get his own story, my editors suggested it and I am SO thankful they did. I loved writing it and giving him a happy ending. I knew he’d have his own book so a couple stories before his was to release, I started giving him a little exposure on-screen as an ancillary character for Wings of Refuge books that preceded his story. His story (Solder Daddy) is in stores now until the end of October or available online. I can’t give too much away because I don’t want to spoil the story, but that book was therapeutic for me as far as being able to forgive the woman who totaled our car as well as my foot and ankle. There is an adorable gaggle of geese that readers won’t want to miss and before you read this story I must say, “Beware of bubbles!” LOL.

LEAVE a comment today and I’ll place your name in a drawing for Chery’s book Soldier Daddy.

(To read a review of A Soldier’s family click here: http://annetteirbyreviews.blogspot.com/2009/06/soldiers-family-by-cheryl-wyatt.html

 Thanks, Pepper for having me!

My pleasure, Cheryl.

And you guys should take advantage of Steeple Hill’s quick and inexpensive dive into a story by reading some of Cheryl’s books. I’m reading Soldier Daddy right now and it truly is a sweet inspirational romance.

Character Creation Tip:

Expect the unexpected. Lots of times some of our most rewarding characters come from places or ideas we’d never imagine. Fleshing out a secondary character, building a backstory, and bringing that person to life can eventually lead to another fabulous hero or heroine you never planned to write.


Denise Hunter is here to share the stories behind her favorite characters and what brings them to life for her. Stop by and enjoy.


  1. Erin

    Wow! These stories sound great! I am very interested in getting to know Cheryl’s hero and heroine! I can not wait for June 2010 so I can read about Chole. Her occupation is what I would like to do someday except as an SLP! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Renee

    Hey sorry I’m a little late in stopping by!!! Wonderful interviews this week Pepper! I’m sad to say I haven’t been picking up any books at the store lately because I have a TBR stack that is a rival to Mt.Everest but this sounds really good! I love it when a book starts with an immediate connection between hero and heroine and from that intro I guess Cheryl’s books offer that! Count me in!!!!! 🙂

    xoxo~ Renee

  3. Cheryl Wyatt

    Hi Pepper, sorry I’m late stopping by. We’ve been battling flu at our house. Thanks for having me here!


  4. Cheryl Wyatt

    Erin, I hope you reach your dreams. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Cheryl Wyatt

    Hi Renee,
    I have a teetering TBR pile too. LOL! Thanks for coming by.



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