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What a better week to talk about ‘characters’ than the week we dress up as different ones. I am thrilled to announce the ‘line up’ for next weeks’ “Who’s Got Character?”, where your favorite authors tell us their favorite heroes and heroines, AND the ‘behind-the-scenes’ making of those characters?

To whet your creative interests, check out the guests:

Monday, Ruth Axtell Morren –morren_photo

             author of love stories set in history, specifically Regency. Her novels not only inspire the romance between a man and woman, but sprinkle the fingerprints of a Divine love throughout the story. Of all her fascinating characters, who could possibly be her favorites? Move over Mr. Darcy 😉


Tuesday, Julie LessmanJulie-Lessman-2

           -winner of the Book Of The Year Award at the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference in Denver, Julie is a master-craftsman/woman at making the written word breathe with energy, conflict, and tension. Her heroines are powerfully memorable and her heroes are dangerously loveable. Stop by and figure out which ones she loves the most.



Wednesday, Bryan DavisBryanDavis_l

      Known for his colorful detail and powerful imagery, Bryan Davis has won the hearts of adults and children alike with his fantasy serieses Dragons In Our Midst and Oracles of Fire.  His writing sets the reader’s senses on hyperdrive into a world of imagination.



Thursday, Cheryl WyattCheryl Wyatt

     Faster than a F-117 Night Hawk, more powerful  than a rotary gun, able to write a novel in 6 weeks, look…at the computer, it’s Cheryl Wyatt. Cheryl’s action-packed stories bring ‘real life’ situations onto the page with warmth, beauty, and humor. She has so many characters to choose from, who will she choose as her favorite and why?


Friday, Denise Hunterdenise hunter

       Known for her beautifuly crafted love stories of emotional growth, spiritual renewal, and ‘rescue’, Denise combines a wonderful trilogy of faith, humor, and romance to weild a story with memorable value. The rescues that happen on her pages are rescues of the heart. I’m curious who her favorite ‘rescuer’ will be?


And we don’t stop there. During the first week of Novemeber, there will be a whole new set of authors ready to reveal the secrets behind the favorite characters. So keep checking in to learn more.


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