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by | Oct 10, 2009 | Fiction Book Reviews | 2 comments

Well, I finally did it. At 12:14 last night, I sent my completed manuscript to my agent who will then send it to two editors. That’s it! right?

Hmm, in a lot of ways my delirious path to finishing THAT book has ended, for now – but will my pace slow?  A little. I’ll try to do dishes more often…even wash clothes. I know, remarkable! My kids and hubby will appreciate it. But…my mind is swirling with hosts of other ideas and imaginary friends who need to meet print.

That’s the world of a writing brain. Constant motion, with a touch of insan…er…giftedness.

Today on Seekerville, Ruth Logan Herne has posted an excellent reminder about the writing life and perseverence. If you need a boost of confidence, a touching and funny reminder of discovering the push of the writing life, visit the blog. Actually, any Seeker blog will be a boost of confidence to your plight among the masses of daydreamers, ink-dwellers, and Peter Pan mindset people of the world. You’re not alone…even when you are alone.

Okay – only a writer will get the last part.




  1. Tina Bowman

    I’m never alone in MY head….(I wonder if that means I’m a writer)?? 😉 Congrats on sending it off!

  2. Tina

    A messy desk is a beautiful thing.


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