Cowboys, Christmas, and Connealy

by | Sep 29, 2009 | inspirational fiction | 2 comments

Marathon fiction-writer extraordinaire, Mary Connealy, is back to lasso you into the holiday season with her novel, Cowboy Christmas. Packed with a buckboard of Connealy humor, gun-slinging, near-death experiences and singing…yes, that’s right….singing, this is one novel you’ll want to make sure you have under your tree…or have read before you even get a tree.

Annette deserves all of her trouble…or at least she thinks so. If she wasn’t such a coward, if she would just stand up for her faith…maybe even die for it, she’d be a lot prouder of herself, but when Claude Levereque tries to force her into wearing provocative dresses and singing bawdy songs instead of her favored hymns, she must do something. So she runs – right into a hero….

Of sorts….

Elijah Walker (great name, right) doesn’t want to be a hero. He wants to be bitter and seek revenge on all of womankind for his fiancé’s hideous betrayal and murder of his father. After all, all women are lying, thieving, good-for-nothin’ whiners who use emotional manipulation, like crying, to get what they want….all except his mom – and maybe this little songbird he pulls out of a raging river and into his heart, unwillingly (mostly). But he doesn’t want to admit his growing attraction…and if he could just keep his lips off of hers long enough to tell her so, then he’d feel a lot better.

Unfortunately, Claude has no intention of letting Annette escape. Her voice is money in the bank – and he’ll do anything to get her back…even kill. His motto: if he can’t have her, no one will. If spreading lascivious rumors about poor Annette won’t work, then maybe blackmail…especially for the people she loves most. Elijah and his mother.

Will Elijah fall prey to the fear in his own heart and the rumors that prove his initial thoughts about women? Will Claude succeed in destroying everyone who stands in his way? And will Annette get the chance to carry that infernal cross she keeps thinking she needs to carry? Read the book and find out for yourself…and don’t wait for Christmas.

As usual, Mary’s books start off at a gallop and only slow down for a few kisses along the way – otherwise, saddle up because you’re in for a ride teeming with excitement, intrigue, hateful suitors, evil villains, and kisses…not quite as unexpected as poor Grant in Gingham Mountain – but just as thrilling.

Both Elijah and Annette have lessons to learn: Elijah about forgiveness and Annette must learn to trust God – and His love. She’s always trying to prove herself, when Christ is enough…and Elijah ends up loving her despite his own convictions because of who she is in Christ. In all honesty, Annette seems brave all the way through the story – but she has to realize who she already is.

Lovely story, Mary. Thanks so much for keeping my bookshelf full with Connealy Classics.

Cowboy Christmas is Mary’s newest book – but don’t stop with just one. Go back to the beginning with Petticoat Ranch or get lost in the adventures of Montana Rose – or if you want something more contemporary with a supsenseful flare, check out Nosy in Nebraska. While you’re at it – visit her new website at


  1. Julie

    this book is on my TBR and now I want to read it even more! Thanks for a great review!

  2. Pepper Basham

    Sure thing, Julie. As with all Mary Connealy, you're in for such a fun read.


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