Peace, Peril, and Teapots

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Here is a wonderful quote/prayer by Robert Louis Stevenson, the 19th century author who penned books like Treasure Island, Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Kidnapped.

“Give us courage and gaiety and the quiet mind.

Spare to us our friends, soften to us our enemies.

Bless us, if it may be, in all our innocent endeavors.

If it may not, give us the strength to encounter that which is to come,

that we be brave in peril,

constant in tribulation,

temperate in wrath,

and in all changes of fortune and down to the gates of death,

loyal and loving one to another.”

Wow, what a powerful quote.

Interesting that he doesn’t assume that all of his endeavors, even his ‘innocent’ ones will be rewarded with peace and prosperity. In all truth, the measure of our faith shows in trial, not in fortune. What comes out of our ‘teapots’ whenever we are put under pressure by life’s difficulties, heartaches, or disappointments proves how much we really believe what we say we believe. Oooh, that’s a humbling thought.

Lots of times what comes out is an overflow of what we’ve been putting in. That’s very convicting for me.

Am I willing to be….brave in peril (ready to take the next step despite the dark and uncertainty because I know God is with me)constant in tribulation (trusting God even when I’m hurting)temperate in wrath (not letting my anger control me)and above all….loyal and loving

This is a high standard, but not an unacheiveable one. God is big and gives us the power to do what He’s called us to do. As we switch our perspectives and renew our minds with His Word and Truth, we become more of what he’s calling us to be. May we fill our minds and with Him, so that when the pressures of life come (and they will), we show how much we trust His control and love.


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