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by | Jul 28, 2009 | Fiction Book Reviews | 3 comments

Okay, so I tried a new recipe for the family. It’s always an exciting and somewhat frightening opportunity…and it was one of those recipes that required EXTRA time. You know the kind I mean? Mix this, then let it stand for 15 minutes, add this – and let it stand some more… by the time the food was ready, it had been standing much more than I had. Anyway, I take it to the table, set it out on a pretty plate, and wait for the ‘certain’ ooohs and aahs to begin. What do I hear? Complaining!

The first thing I wanted to do was scream. “Do you realize how long this took? You didn’t have to lift a finger to help!” Ever felt that way? As a mom, we have a calling to do a lot of thankless jobs and make a lot of unnoticed sacrifices, but I was reminded this weekend of a VERY important point.

As a Christian, I’m REALLY living for an audience of one…THE ONE. God. And he sees everything I do. What’s more, he knows the REASON behind what I do. Did you just cringe like I did? Not only does he notice my outward doings but the inward motives too.
Why do I serve? Is it because I HAVE to? Is it so other people will think I’m awesome? Is it to gain approval or prove someone wrong?

The main reason why we should serve (and joyfully at that) is because in the grand scheme of things, we’re serving God. Our actions glorify Him and our heartfelt service pleases Him. He’s our FATHER. If he sees us, nothing else matters.

Now, I use that word ‘serve’ and I need to clarify something here. If you are a Christian, you call God your Father, not your Slavemaster. We obey, give, love, serve, and pray, because we’re secure in the love of our Daddy and we know we don’t’ have to EARN his favor. He loves us anyway…always – with a forever-no-matter-what kind of love. That knowledge should send us into joyful orbit and make us reevaluate why we do what we do.

If we believe God is our Father, and if we trust Him to notice what no one else will notice, then those little annoyances and complaints don’t seem so frustrating anymore; those times you’ve given…and given…and given some more, become a ‘good’ pride in knowing your Father is pleased.

It’s not easy and I’m not there yet. I want the ‘thank you’s and the praise – and of course, there’s nothing wrong with either one. But the real question is, are you giving to get an earthly reward or a heavenly one? Your Heavenly Father loves you and promises to reward your faithfulness, even if no one else sees.

For a mom, a teacher, and a wife – that’s a good thought for me to keep in my head, to help curb frustration and remind me of my purpose: to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.


  1. Julianna

    Thanks for the reminder. =)Colossians 3Julie =)

  2. Pepper Basham

    Glad to give encouragement…even if it makes me cringe when I write it 😉

  3. britney

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