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Menu For Romance – Win a Copy

Kaye Dacus has cooked up a delightful romance with the ingredients of humor, faith, and true love.

1 – party planner named Meredith Guidry who has been secretly in love with her chef-friend and coworker for over eight years.
1- Chef Major O’Hara who must decide between love, his mother, and the job he’s dreamed of
3 cups of romance – aged at about 8 years
1 ½ cups of uncertainty -(Meredith’s possible boyfriend, Major’s secret/mysterious mom, a few family crisis, and a lovely news anchor )
A handful of misunderstandings
A dash of humor

Blend well, bake for about 317 pages and you have a fun commercial break during the chaos of life.

Though Menu for Romance isn’t as exciting as its’ predecessor, Stand-In Groom, it’s still a pleasant dessert for an escape into the world of cooking, parties, crazy families, and, of course, romance.

To Win a Copy of Menu For Romance, just make a comment about what your favorite recipe is. Leave your email address and a name will be drawn on July 31st. The winner will receive a copy of Menu for Romance and a recipe for a wonderful dessert.

9 thoughts on “Menu For Romance – Win a Copy”

  1. Sounds great! I love the description in recipe format. I love wonderful dessert recipes, too! One favorite recipe? There are so many to choose from! I think I would say fruit pies. I love making them!Julie


  2. I just saw this somewhere else!!! I so want to read it!!!!! And my Favorite Recipe is Brown Sugar cookies…I love making them when I'm in a baking mood!!!!!I've wanted to read Stand-In Groom, but haven't had the chance!!! But this sounds great!!!!Raeraebyuel(@)gmail(.)com


  3. Awesome recipie! I keep seeing Kaye's book all over the blogosphere and I'd love a chance to read it!Here's a recipie I've always loved!Recipe for LoveIngredients1/2 a cup of AffectionA pinch of cuddles3 tablespoons of pure sweetnessA great big kissMethodDim the lights then mix them very slowly together.


  4. Oh boy, what fun! And thanks for the recipe sherrinda. It's one of my favorite kinds 🙂 Remember everybody, July 31 I'll draw the name for the winner – so let your friends know (or don't, gives you a bigger chance ;-)Blessings


  5. I'd love to read this, and 'Stand in Groom'! A favorite recipe?? Oh gee, I like to cook…ANYTHING!!! And I'm rather fond of the above mentioned 'Recipe for Love'…mmm-hmmm. I guess one of my favorite things is making Christmas cookies with the kids, so much fun and makes the house all cozy!


  6. One more day to sign up for "Menu For Romance" – tell your friends…hmmm…or don't, you'll have a better chance to win 😉


  7. Tina Russo is the winner of "Menu for Romance" – Congrats Tina.Next week, I will have a contest for Kaye's REgency novel "Ransome's Honor"


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