Darcy Through the Years – 1998

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You’ve Got Mail is a contemporary twist on the novel Pride and Prejudice, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Their roles in this movie are nice & funny, but cannot compete with their previous pairing in Sleepless in Seattle. Tom Hanks plays our Darcy-hero in this movie about a romance that’s unlikely but ‘Just Around the Corner”. As a rich, bookstore chain owner, Joe (played by Hanks) sweeps through neighborhoods crushing his independent bookstore-owner-enemies, but unbeknownst to him, his cyberpal is none other than Kathleen (Ryan), an owner of a nostalgic bookshop – his rival. Sparks of anger fly, but soon turn to sparks of romance, as their misunderstandings become replaced by love.


  1. Lit and Life

    I love this movie but never connected it to P&P. Just one more reason to love it!

  2. Pepper Basham

    Definitely. The fact that she's reading the book helps too 🙂

  3. AustenWodehouse

    You've Got Mail is a remake of the Jimmy Stewart film The Shop Around the Corner [Nora Ephron’s nod to the original film is naming Meg Ryan character's bookstore after the first film) which is itself an adaptation of a Hungarian play Illatszertar. In all three films there is the Darcy, Lizzie initial dislike each other that gives way to love.

  4. hmsgofita

    You're right, I never thought about it either. I really enjoy this movie. I just have a problem with him completely making her go out of business and then it's all happy and OK because they're in love. It just seems a little phony to me and that in real life it would be so much more traumatic and dramatic. But that's why it's a movie!


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