Darcy through the years – 1995

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So the most famous current P & P is the 1995 version with Colin Firth playing Darcy. Who can ignore the wonderful moments of the film where Lizzie and Darcy verbally duke it out or the turning point when their relationship changes. Of course the wet-shirt lake scene is a common favorite or the look across the room he gives Lizzie while she’s at the piano.

One of my favorite aspects of this version is its’ close interpretation of the novel. Lydia’s “fall into sin” is shown as a true fall with the entire family reaping the catastrophic results of Lydia’s choices. There is real danger, real hurt, and the realization that the entire family suffer from this fall. For me, that was a significant moment in Austen’s book and should be equally as significant in film.

Colin Firth’s portrayal is well-done and he allows us to ‘watch’ Darcy fall in love with Lizzie. When he spots her through the window as she’s playing with the dog outside of the Bingley’s home…that’s one moment. Of course the ‘surprise’ meeting at Pemberley is another BIG one.

If you’ve not seen this version and have about 4 hours to spare, it’s a definite ‘must see’ for the Austen enthusiast.

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  1. hmsgofita

    Yes, this one is really good. But my all-time fave is still 2005 with Matthew McFadyen…he's my Darcy!


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