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Jamie Carie – my new reading interest

I don’t have a review yet, but I’ve discovered a treasure. Author Jamie Carie. Her writing is descriptive, imaginative, and captures the reader’s imagination – not letting go until the final page of the chapter or novel. I just started reading Wind Dancer and am already captivated. Her books are historical, adventurous, romantic, graphic, and brilliant. I’m hooked.
Bursting with intrigue, barbed emotions, and extravagant faith, her books send the reader on an amazing adventure into a fictional world.
Her next novel, Angel’s Den, takes place in the early 1800’s. As I finish each book, I ‘ll be glad to post my review, but for now….
if you enjoy adventure, romance, danger, difficult situations and are ready experience them, pick up her books.
If you like movies like The Patriot or Last of the Mohicans and can handle the historical violence involved, Wind Dancer will blow you away.

2 thoughts on “Jamie Carie – my new reading interest”

  1. Thanks for stopping by Window To My World! I'm so glad Jamie Carie was a new discovery for you! She really is a treasure of a writer!You should check out her website for her upcoming book tour. I'm not sure where you live, but she is touring all over the south. I will actually get to meet her later this month!!Kim


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