Before the Season Ends

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Country-bred Ariana Forsythe has a habit of allowing her emotional sensibilities to run frightfully out of hand, which force her parents to make a drastic decision: Send her to London with her wealthy Aunt Bentley. In early 19th century England, coming out in the fashionable and high society of London should send Ariana’s fanciful head in to a spin, but the last thing she wants is a romance with a city rogue.

Her headstrong and compassionate personality captures the unlikely attention of Phillip Mornay, declared bachelor and intimidating ‘untouchable.’ When a scandalous rumors surfaces about Phillip and Ariana, the two strike up a deal to outwit the malicious gossipers. Will this plot save Ariana’s reputation? Will she hold to her faith even if her heart goes contrary to it?

My two cents worth:
This fantastic Regency novel by Linore Rose Burkard is reminiscent of Jane Austen, with witty dialogue, likeable heroine, and clever hero – along with your ridiculous characters sprinkled throughout. Though the pace isn’t always quick, the story line is compelling and keeps the reader moving forward to find out what will happen to two people who are forced together but worlds apart. Lenore’s second book is out and the sequel to Before the Season Ends. It sounds like a mystery involving the same characters one becomes attached to in its’ predecessor. It’s entitled The House at Grosvenor Square.

I look forward to reading more of her work and enjoying the wit and wonder of the Regency era.


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