Oracles of Fire

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#1 Best-seller, Eye of the Oracle, is the first in the Oracles of Fire series, a set of four books for young adults. This series inspires young people to pursue faith, courage, and love and to dig deep within to find their God-given strengths, no matter how difficult the circumstances.
This book is a prequel to the Dragon in our Midst series (DIOM), covering the events that led up to Raising Dragons, the first DIOM book. The second book in Oracles of Fire, Enoch’s Ghost, picks up where Tears of a Dragon, the fourth book in DIOM, left off. Therefore, the second, third, and fourth books in Oracles of Fire are sequels to DIOM.

(From Bryan Davis’ website)

My two cents worth:

Okay, I know this isn’t my usual post of romantically-driven fiction, but I just finished reading this book and thought I’d share. It is an amazingly crafted story, with more twists, turns, and fire-breathing excitement than about any fantasy adventure I’ve read. Bryan Davis is a colorful author who uses vivid detail, emotional appeal, and fascinating characters to bring about a tail…I mean tale as old as the Garden of Eden.

It’s not meant for the faint of heart and the storyline is incredibly complex, but it’s gripping and well planned. It’d be pretty cool to be part dragon :-)…not great for the breath, though.

The recommended age for this series is 13 and up (although my 11 year old has read both the DIOM and Oracles series 3 times each) This series tries to prove that faith is the only thing that’s really Fireproof 🙂


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