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Tideswell – Fish and Chips

Next stop…Tideswell. It was here that we had our first taste of true English Fish and Chips. Bring me the salt and vinegar!! They were yummy, although the ordering part wasn’t all that fun. When one is used to looking at a menu in a different country and trying to figure out exactly what type of fish one is supposed to order, I’m sure it’s much more effecient. When you stumble about on your own words and ask stupid question about crab cakes…well then, it isn’t quite as delightful. But…the people were friendly, long suffering, and the food was great. I’m sure those onlookers in the fish & chips place had a good laugh after this crazy American left 🙂
Btw, does this street look narrow to you? And TWO cars are supposed to fit through there. WOW!

1 thought on “Tideswell – Fish and Chips”

  1. As a Tideswellian, I am wondering which Chip shop you went into. I usually go into the one opposite the church. Habit I suppose. glad you enjoyed Tidza.


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