Kisses and Band-aids

by | Oct 3, 2008 | Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

I’m determined to believe that there is something magical about ‘Mommy kisses’ and ‘band-aids’. They are like small, daily miracles God gives moms to make the little traumas of life a bit easier to bear. It’s an amazing thing to watch a crying child with a ‘boo boo’ suddenly smile after one brief kiss to the ‘wounded area’ and a quick slap of a band-aid.
Whether you choose a colorful “Dora” or ‘Cars’ band-aid or just the plain tan kind, either seem to do the trick with the same about of powerful healing abilities 🙂 Why do you think that is? I know there is nothing particularly miraculous about “Plastic comfort-flex bandages”, but a kiss….?
It seems to me, these little ‘miracles’ fix the minor problems because the child realizes somebody cares about her. That brief moment of love, shared in the tangible form of a kiss, soothes the temporary ache or shock of pain.
So often I forget that God’s little kisses and band-aids come on a daily basis too. Through ‘touches’ from others around me. His hands and feet are made evident in the smiles, hugs, words of encouragement, and laughter of friends and family – to help soothe away the daily cares of life. I’m increasingly humbled by His beautiful love that he makes evident through the ‘love of others and I’m reminded that He’s always with me…ready to give me His band-aids and kisses through the comfort and love of His kids.


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