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I have to write a lot of professional reports in my job as a speech-language pathologist. One thing I enjoy about using the computer for those reports is the wonderful key known as the ‘delete’ button. It’s nice to just wipe away my mistakes with the simple touch of a key. An annoying extra letter, a coma instead of a period – gone with in the blink of an eye. Don’t you wish daily troubles could be so easily fixed? My eight year old pushed his 6 year old sister, my 3 year old got hit by the frisbee (too hard – or at least he thought so), my ten year old said something that made somebody cry…..the list could be endless, or at least it feels endless sometimes. There are moments in which I wish I could hit the ‘delete’ button for those mistakes and make everything all better….happier, quieter, as if the hurts, angry words, disappointment never happened.
It’s amazing to think that we are continually learning through all of our experiences. That the God of all the universe somehow has this world ‘figured out’ and each day, each step, each breath are meaningful to Him. He never makes a mistake and uses the most mundane moments to help us become more and more like him. What a comforting thought!


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