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So often we take for granted the simple act of being able to express ourselves in words. Of course, we’ve all probably had that moment or two where we were truly ‘speechless’, but on a regular basis, we can get our point across using words to communicate, whether those words come in written, signed, or spoken form.

Every week, in my profession as a speech-language pathologist, I see kids who do not have the freedom in ‘being understood.’ Their frustrated screams, their aggressive behaviors, their angry tears stem from the fact that they don’t can’t communicate. Of course, there are times when their behaviors are related to being a typical kid not getting what he/she wants (tantrum), but many times with these children it is all about frustration or sadness.

Compassion, understanding, and ‘creative thinking’ comes in handy in my line of work, because I realize the freedom in communicating.

As Christians, we have a very special relationship. Unlike my ‘mom-powers’ of earthly mind-reading that hit the mark about 75% of the time, God always knows what we need. Our communication might fail, but he understands the deepest urges of your hearts. Our intentions, writings, and words might fall short, or be unintelligible, but He understands our greatest needs. It’s amazing, as Christians, how often we lose sight of that fact and become frustrated, angry, or sad about not being ‘understood’ when the One who sees our hearts, always understands and loves us.

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