A Passion Redeemed

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Move over Scarlett O’Hara! Step up, Charity O’Connor! Much like her Civil War era predecessor, Charity gets what she wants by using her looks, charms, and manipulation. Unlike her older sister, Faith – who lives up to her name, Charity has no use for God’s love or His staunch rules and regulations. All she’s certain of, is that she loves Mitch Dennehy and she’ll do whatever it takes to make him love her back.
Mitch has already been taunted and burned by Charity’s devious schemes, once. Not only has his heart been transformed by God’s grace, he’s set his mind on marrying another lady…even if his heart hasn’t caught up yet.
But when Charity’s own stubborn will and brilliantly planned schemes explode in her face and turn Mitch away from her, can she find solace in a love beyond her own imperfections that will meet her every need? Is there redemption for a sassy, flirtatious, lying, manipulative beauty….and her dreams? Will Charity learn the true meaning of her name in the One who never fails?
My two cents worth:
Julie Lessman has convinced me that I need to read her first novel too. This book was a great read….powerful, funny, intense, with Biblical truths woven through the braided lives of the characters. I read it twice and liked it better the second time. I’ve never been a fan of characters like Scarlet O’Hara….and I’m not sure I’m a big fan of Charity O’Conner, but after I read through the book a second time I realized Charity had learned her lesson. She really had been changed through God’s grace.
One of the many nice touches in this novel is the way Charity begins talking to God long before she really makes a decision to follow Him. There’s this gradual draw to speak to Him…to know Him, even in her most wicked schemes. It’s a wonderful testament of the Holy Spirit’s continual pull of our hearts to Him…the whole idea of “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”
A Passion Redeemed certain has passion in it…..and every man the reader meets, ends up kissing Charity at some point or other in the this novel or the last, so that’s got to give you some idea of her track record, and what sort of taming is in store for this little prodigal.


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