In the Beginning

by | Nov 9, 2007 | Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

Okay, so you’re a mom. Amazing! Wonderful! A true miracle. Now what?
Well sometimes I think God’s love lessons really started hitting home when I became a mom. I have five children….five children in nine years. Some mothers have more and some have less, but there is one thing we all understand….motherhood is hard work.

It’s amazing that such a small, noisy, wrinkled, and slimy little bundle could become an instrument of God’s handiwork in our lives, but it’s true. To imagine that a powerful, Creator God designed us with such an intricate design that he planned the very lines that form our fingerprints must leave us with a sense of complete awe.

You know the all-powerful, inexplicable love that filled your chest almost to the breaking point the first time you looked into the little face of your newborn. Besides the obvious questions like: Does he really look like your Uncle Hubert? No way, she can’t have my nose yet, can she? Will her head always look like that?
We ask the question – how can I have this much love for somebody?

As a Christian, the realization of God loving us infinitely more deeply than our inexpressible love for our children, should humble, encourage, and spurn us on to show our gratitude to our Father.

Yes, God uses our children to teach us so many things. But the greatest lesson we learn is about love.


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