A Match for Emma

a-match-for-emma-snow#3 in the Mitchell’s Crossroads series

Emma Mitchell lives a gilded life. Wrapped in the love of a wonderful family, her waitressing job helps pay the bills and…hopefully fund a six-month culinary experience in Paris before opening her very own restaurant. Well, that’s the plan, anyway.
When her best friend, Jonathan Noble, comes back into town to take care of his sick father and open up his own law practice, Emma’s fairly certain nothing could get any better. To add icing on top of the cupcake, she’s made another successful match between two unlikely singles, and now has her sights set on her college friend, Evangelina Lopez.

Unfortunately, her matchmaking schemes might not prove as welcome to some folks as others.

When Emma’s cousin returns home with a bad attitude and even worse history, Emma is determined to help her out and maybe even find her perfect match, but when Leah frames Emma for theft, the happy matchmaker must decide whether she’s willing to listen to Jonathan’s council or take a little southern vengeance out on her broken cousin.
Taking a deep look inside her own heart might unearth a few surprises about life, love, sacrifice, and her future…and the answers to all of them might be much closer than Paris.
Is she too late, and what sacrifice will she have to make to redeem her mistakes?


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