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Book Journeys – Reality TV Style   

I just finished fellow Alleycat and dear friend, Krista Phillips's upcoming novel The Engagement Plot and people... It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I’ll let you read the blurb HERE – but today on Book Journeys we’re going to travel to various places that the characters visit in the book. If you do not know, it’s… Continue reading Book Journeys – Reality TV Style   

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Finding Faith and Focus in Friendship

Life is filled with lots of people. Some you are born with. Some who visit for a while and then are gone. Some who come to challenge and refine you. And some one who to stay, as constant influences and encouragement. Through the development of a writing blog about 5 years ago, God has brought… Continue reading Finding Faith and Focus in Friendship

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Celebrating a Dream Come True

My good friend and fellow author, Ashley Clark, had a fantastic post on The Writers Alley yesterday. It caused me to ponder this whole transition from one side of 'published' to the other. A few weeks ago, Ashley was kind enough to remind me of something. I'd lost sight of celebrating. That may seem really… Continue reading Celebrating a Dream Come True

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Year To Date: Change and Abide

Well, it's been quite a year - probably one of the most difficult ones of my life, and that's saying something. For the past three years I've chosen a 'one word' to focus on throughout the new year. In 2014 my word was Change - and it has definitely been a year of change, transitions,… Continue reading Year To Date: Change and Abide

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Fun Posts and a new Review

Hey guys, I'm blogging at The Writers Alley on Monday about the Green Eyed Monster 😉 But Sunday, don't forget to stop by and check out Jennifer Slattery's post-conference tips. And my review for Deeanne Gist's newest novel, Love on the Line, is up at

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A Day Off to WRITE

I can't remember the last time I had a day off JUST TO WRITE! The last day off I took to write, two of my kids got sick the night before and were home from school with me. But today.... TODAY...... I am sitting at the kitchen table staring at an empty house and getting… Continue reading A Day Off to WRITE

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Indiana Jones – Plotting like the Movies ;-)

I'm blogging at The Writers Alley today about plotting with Indiana Jones. Stop by and have a little fun with me and our whip-weilding hero. And join The Writers Alley for the next two weeks as we talk about story structure by using some of our favorite movies. It's Summer at the Cinema Meet Me… Continue reading Indiana Jones – Plotting like the Movies 😉

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A Visit with Author Krista Phillips

If you don't know this already, I am a member of a fantastic group writing blog known as The Writers Alley. It's such a fun place to be - with nine awesome aspiring authors to help bounce ideas, share prayer requests, enjoy funny moments, and gab about writing. Interestingly enough though, many of us have… Continue reading A Visit with Author Krista Phillips

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Love at First Thought with Siri Mitchell

Oh boy, a new week of wonderful guests. Wanna know who’s stopping by? Well, Wednesday, the lovely Patti Lacy is my guest. Friday, we get to enjoy the sweetness of Audra Harders. But today… Get ready for the fabulous Siri Mitchell. I just received Siri’s newest novel in the mail. A Heart Most Worthy. I… Continue reading Love at First Thought with Siri Mitchell