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Book Journeys – Arabia

  Arabia… What do you think of? Before reading The Esther Paradigm by Sarah Monzon, I could only pull images from movies I’d seen (Hildago being one of my favorites).  Sarah’s beautiful novel reintroduces me to a world and culture quite different than my own, so let’s learn a little more about this landscape, beautiful… Continue reading Book Journeys – Arabia

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The Esther Paradigm by Sarah Monzon

Sometimes writers can highlight truth through the avenue of story that others cannot. Sarah Monzon accomplishes this in her beautiful novel, The Esther Paradigm. Here’s a little about the story: Genre:  Christian, Contemporary, Romance Publisher: Radiant Publications Publication date: November 2, 2017 The daughter of missionaries, Hannah Pratt dreams of starting a school for the Bedouin clan… Continue reading The Esther Paradigm by Sarah Monzon