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Friends in ‘westerly’ places

While at ACFW I have the wonderful opportunity to meet people I'd only chatted with online. Of course, meeting the fabulous FIFITEEN of Seekerville is always a delight - and getting to hug on my fellow Alley Cats from The Writers Alley was another joy.   But I also got to meet marvelous ladies like… Continue reading Friends in ‘westerly’ places

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Conference Tips with Kaye Dacus

Having just read her newest novel, Ransome's Quest, all I have to say is LISTEN TO WHAT THIS AUTHOR SAYS! Kaye Dacus has not only written an intriguing historical series in The Ransom Trilogy, she's mostly known for her wonderful contemporary novels like The Brides of Bonneterre and The Matchmakers series. A few things I personally appreciate… Continue reading Conference Tips with Kaye Dacus

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Conference Tips Series

Starting next Tuesday, I'll be hosting a series about conference tips - straight from some of your favorite authors. Each have given 3 top things to remember to bring with you for your future Writers Conference -experience. So who's on the agenda for this coming week? Denise Hunter Missy Tippens Kaye Dacus Mary Connealy and....… Continue reading Conference Tips Series

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Are YOU Conference Ready?

Stop by for the next three weeks and get some conference tips from fabulous authors like: Denise Hunter Rachel Hauck Ruth Logan Herne Siri Mitchell Mary Connealy Kaye Dacus AND MORE...... Look for the weekend lineup on Saturday so you'll make sure to stop by for a quick note that will help prepare you for… Continue reading Are YOU Conference Ready?

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Last ACFW pics – I promise (mostly)

Okay, I'm going to get back to blogging after today, but I wanted to post a few more pics from my time in Indianapolis. It barely feels real now - especially since I returned back to my nonfiction world at full throttle. Got home at 8pm Monday night and back up at 6am for kids' school and… Continue reading Last ACFW pics – I promise (mostly)

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Catch a Reader by the Hook – great first lines

You’re standing in front of a shelve of deliciously tempting books inside Barnes and Noble or Books a Million…or even the library. The smell of imagination cooking between fresh print pricks your curiosity and you scan the rows looking for a title or cover to push you from temptation to commitment. Finally, something snags your… Continue reading Catch a Reader by the Hook – great first lines

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Sizzling First Encounters with Kaye Dacus

It is such a pleasure to have author Kaye Dacus visiting today. Kaye’s books range from sassy contemporaries to Austenian historicals. She’s known as an encourager to new writers (of which I can attest personally J and provides a wealth of knowledge and information on her blog at Her newest series, The Matchmakers, sounds… Continue reading Sizzling First Encounters with Kaye Dacus

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Sizzling First Encounters – Final Week!!

It’s going to be a very busy week. The final week of Sizzling First Encounters and, boy, is there a great lineup. I hope you guys have enjoyed this series as much as I have. I’m already devising my next series, which won’t start until September and has to do with …er…’fall’ (As in, When… Continue reading Sizzling First Encounters – Final Week!!

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A Kiss to Build a SCENE On with Kaye Dacus

Menu For Romance…er…Kissing?  Appetizers – One peck on the cheek                         A nibble on the earlobe                         Slight touch of lips with a hint of warmth, but not overdone                        A hooded eye-gaze might accompany this dish, but isn’t necessary for total fulfillment  Main Course – Deep prolonged kiss, usually steamed. Can be served medium… Continue reading A Kiss to Build a SCENE On with Kaye Dacus

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Menu for Romance

Kaye Dacus has cooked up a delightful romance with the ingredients of humor, faith, and true love. Recipe: 1 – party planner named Meredith Guidry who has been secretly in love with her chef-friend and coworker for over eight years. 1- Chef Major O’Hara who must decide between love, his mother, and the job he’s… Continue reading Menu for Romance