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Upcoming: The Man Who Invented Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, right? Chestnuts and ornaments and fire’s glow. Stockings and wisemen and fresh snow. It also means… MOVIES! Any of you who know me, realize that I’m a big fan of movies, and Christmas movies? Oh YEAH! There are SO many options and Hallmark usually kicks off the season with… Continue reading Upcoming: The Man Who Invented Christmas


Songspiration – Charming the Troublemaker Part 1

Songspiration  Now, you may be wondering what that word means. Well, Songspiration means songs that have inspired characters, story lines, and other aspects related to writing a book. Today I am sharing the Songspiration for the hero in my upcoming release, Charming the Troublemaker. Alex Murdock is a swoony hero - a flirt...and #adorkable but he's also quite… Continue reading Songspiration – Charming the Troublemaker Part 1

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More Than Meets The Eye

Needless to say, the Bible is a fount of deeper truth. There is a story on the surface, but a treasure of meaning hidden just beneath. It’s probably old hat to you guys, but a wonderful discovery to me. Each detail in the stories of the Bible are vital, even the ‘seemingly uninportant’ ones. In… Continue reading More Than Meets The Eye

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Encouragement From Green Gables

I’m feeling sorry for Anne Shirley. Or I’m feeling LIKE Anne Shirley when she dyed her hair green. Almost. I’m borderline ‘depths of despair’ with my writing, so I’m taking a moment to sympathize with Anne and bellyache to cyberspace. Ever been there. Life takes over and writing…well, it drops into the depths. Gone. Nonexistent until… Continue reading Encouragement From Green Gables

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Setting Your Novels to Music?

Do you set your books to music? Are there certain types of songs that are the backdrop for the scenes swirling in your head, or is it just me? All of my novels have songs that I either write or hear that I associate with the story – so, I play the songs while I’m… Continue reading Setting Your Novels to Music?

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Vacation…and the Writing Mind

I'm on vacation this week, so my blog posts might be a bit erratic. We are vacationing on the coast of South Carolina on a beautiful and wonderfully quiet island called Harbor Island. It's not far from the city of Beaufort. One of the things I like most about being a writer is the fact… Continue reading Vacation…and the Writing Mind