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Post-Crit Review

So... the contest entries are back in hand, or you've received your crit partners response to your newest chapter. What you have before you is your precious manuscript covered in red remarks. What happens now? Well, besides the usual initial response of throwing the paper across the room, blurting out something unkind, screaming into a… Continue reading Post-Crit Review

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Self-Editing and Scene Goals

I’m reading Self-Editing For Fiction Writers, recommended by Patti Lacy. It’s very good. And is causing me to go back through my pages to see where I can make things tighter. Show more than tell, use more action verbs. Those sorts of things. But one thing I hadn’t really considered was working each of my… Continue reading Self-Editing and Scene Goals

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Encouragement From Green Gables

I’m feeling sorry for Anne Shirley. Or I’m feeling LIKE Anne Shirley when she dyed her hair green. Almost. I’m borderline ‘depths of despair’ with my writing, so I’m taking a moment to sympathize with Anne and bellyache to cyberspace. Ever been there. Life takes over and writing…well, it drops into the depths. Gone. Nonexistent until… Continue reading Encouragement From Green Gables

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Contests – and how writers survive them

I started entering writing contests in April 2009 and within the past (almost) 2 years, I’ve filled out about fifteen different contest forms. Some responses were good. Some were not. And some just hurt me like  a kick to the gut. But like a masochist, I sent out more. What have a learned through this… Continue reading Contests – and how writers survive them

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Life- Edited

This week I hired someone to do a line-edit on my work-in-progress, The Thornbearer. It's always a bit unnerving to become vulnerable to someone else's critique, offering my infant-manuscript to be sliced, diced, and redressed (just kidding, actually she was very kind). But the truth still remains. I paid her to edit my work. I… Continue reading Life- Edited