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The Big Picture of God’s Story & Giveaway

In the beginning was… The story It’s true. If you start with Christian (or Jewish or Muslim) history, “Genesis” even means ‘an origin, creation, or beginning’. The Genesis of God’s story was creation. But we can really sum up the entire Bible into one sentence. What is the Bible about? God rescuing His people. A… Continue reading The Big Picture of God’s Story & Giveaway

Mom Devotionals

Little Interruptions and Detours

Okay....I just ended a semester of work and will start back again in two weeks. Sigh. Two weeks. Praise GOD for vacations. Life can get so busy sometimes, it passes in hyperspeed. I dont' like that. It messes with your brain 🙂 My granny raised six kids by herself after her husband died of cancer.… Continue reading Little Interruptions and Detours

Fiction Book Reviews

The Gospel According to Tinker Bell

Last night I watched the movie Tinker Bell with my youngest four kids. Cute movie with an interesting moral. Of course, we all get different messages from movies. Books can be the same way. To give you the gist of the movie, here’s a brief synopsis: Tinker Bell, a new fairy in the realm, has… Continue reading The Gospel According to Tinker Bell