Some Like It Scot

Coming spring 2024

About  the Book

An American travel writer who has never found a place to belong and a reclusive Scot with a surprising secret find a shocking connection when she enters a Highlands manor house that has been turned into a three-week long Edwardian experience.

Katie Campbell has traveled her entire life. As the daughter of an army chaplain, changing homes–or even countries–was commonplace, so when her wild childhood storytelling turned into a lucrative career as a travel writer, she thought she’d found her perfect match. But as she’s nearly thirty with no real place to settle down, she’s starting to wonder where “home” actually is. Her own family hadn’t felt like home since her sister’s death left them all limping through life.

When a lengthy project in Scotland promises to not only give her travel fodder for months but also a shot at a coveted editing position, she accepts and is sent to spend three weeks in the newly created Craighill House, a Scottish home redesigned to offer guests an Edwardian experience. But her entrance to Craighill introduces her to a quirky group of characters and a surly Scot who is helping refurbish the magnificent woodwork of the estate house.

As Katie attempts to live “Edwardian,” she learns that all that glitters does not a comfortable lifestyle make . . . and surly Scots may turn out to be dashing and creative uncles raising their orphaned nephews. When a few escapades from the Downton era lead Katie on hunts for mermaids and dragons or to a fireside chat with a family who has grown stronger through tragedy, Katie begins to wonder if “home” looks a whole lot like rolling green hills, magnificent braighs, and a few extra “ayes” thrown in for good measure. But can her world-traveling lifestyle fit in with a Scot whose heart is double-knotted to home?

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