Scones and Grits Series

2010-07-16 16.34.30-1Just the Way You Are-

Contemporary Romance with humor

It’s going to take more than a mustard seed to move this mountain-girl’s heart.

When Blue Ridge Mountain-girl Eisley Barrett begins amusing the elderly gentleman next to her on an airport bus, she has no idea romance is lurking just around the next terminal. And she is too busy regaling the gentleman with tales of her shattered romantic history or praying with him and his Greek-god-gorgeous son to realize his son is BBC actor, Christopher Wesley Harrison.

Wes is surprised by the impact this chatty, redhead has on his bruised and bewildered heart. In his world of pretense, power struggles, and manipulation, Eisley brings fresh perspective and genuineness he rarely sees in his profession, but his own secrets threaten to keep his heart in check.

Thrown together by surprising circumstances but conniving parents, Eisley allows herself to relax around this charming and near-normal man, convincing herself he is as likely to fall for her as the Queen Mother for Gomer Pile. Will Wes’ gentleness open up her heart or will his past and her fear shatter the possibilities of this bookends relationship? Can Wes and Eisley move beyond their own hurts and find hope in a love beyond their imperfections?

From the beautiful Peak District in England to the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Wes and Eisley learn that God always dreams big for His kids and second chances are his specialty.


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