Important Links

The Writers Alley –

Seekerville – or

Great Christian reviews and fun devotionals at

Learn about Jane Austen and her influence for today at

Writing Tips for aspiring authors at

Sharon England is your host at this whimsical and imaginative site about her artwork 

1 thought on “Important Links”

  1. Hi Pepper,
    Just wanted to say I have enjoyed browsing your website and I look forward to meeting you at BRMCWC. I have only been writing for about 5 months and this is all still very new to me. I would say I am a perfectionist-type a-sick-and-depressed -pharmacist transformed by the love of God into a miraculously-healed-happy-Jesus-loving-christian-wanna-be-writer! I am anxious and excited about getting my story out there! I am trying to start a blog & website soon! I look forward to hopefully meeting you at the conference!

    Celeste Vaughan


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