Laura Frantz

The Charm of An Unexpected Visitor…and Giveaway

Today I want to celebrate one of my favorite authors! There’s a special reason why I want to celebrate her this month more than usual. What is that reason, you may ask? Well… I get to spend a WEEKEND with her in her Kentucky cabin talking about life, writing, and Jesus!!! What???!!!!! Yes, I do!… Continue reading The Charm of An Unexpected Visitor…and Giveaway

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Revolution Era Fiction

Happy Independence Day...or as my British friends say, "Happy Treason Day!" 🙂 In celebration of this American holiday, I thought I'd share some fantastic fiction that takes place during (or around) The Revolutionary War era. Please, oh please, add more recommendations to this short list, but I thought I'd start us off with a few… Continue reading Revolution Era Fiction

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A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz

Of one thing I am certain, Laura Frantz's writing holds as spellbinding a quality as the stories she weaves with such intricate detail. A Moonbow Night is no different. Steeping in imagery thick with the mountains and hollows of frontier Appalachia, Laura introduces us, not only to riveting characters as alive to history as the famous… Continue reading A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz