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To the Unassuming Superheroes

This week fellow author Melissa Tagg shared some wonderful news about her brother-in-law and nephew, Chip and Ollie Reece. Chip, dad to Ollie, wrote a book for his son with Down syndrome about a super hero with…you guessed it, Down syndrome. Evidently, Ollie LOVES superheroes and I bet Ollie already knows he’s living with one… Continue reading To the Unassuming Superheroes

Autism and Asperger Info/Posts

Utterly Unique

It's the beginning of a new semester for me - which is one reason why I'm behing on my blogging. When the responsibilities of a new semester begins, I'm afraid the writing and the blogging have to move aside and make room for the paying job.  🙂 BUT - I learn so much through my… Continue reading Utterly Unique

Autism and Asperger Info/Posts

Growing Challenging Characters – A Spectrum of Possibilities

Ya know, I was going to write about characterization from the Bible today, but I wanted to share something a little different today. As some of you may know, I am a speech-language pathologist (by day) – with a special interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Almost every day, I get the opportunity to work with… Continue reading Growing Challenging Characters – A Spectrum of Possibilities