Tuesday Tea Chat – Grief and Perspective

It's been almost two months since my brother went missing and an 11-day search ensued until his body was found. Life has moved on for those of us still here and I've been learning a lot about the grieving process and my own heart. This is an impromptu video about what...

Burdened with Glorious Purpose?

I love dressing in costume. It's a family thing. We all like it. It's fun stuff to "pretend" to be someone else that we may see as "cooler" or "more beautiful" or "more powerful" or...just weird 🙂   But just because I put on a cape or a funny hat doesn't mean I...

Hope Beyond Imagining

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the idea of flying. In fact, any time I could pretend to be a superhero, it was always a flying superhero. Even in my sleep, my recurring dream as a child and young adult was a “flying” dream. In a world where folks can strap...

Meet Pepper

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