The Heart of the Mountains cover reveal

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I’m so excited to share with you the cover for my July 2022 release, The Heart of the Mountains.

This book is the sequel to My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge, Laurel’s Dream. You can learn more about that story here 🙂

Wanna know more?

Here’s a bit about the story:

To escape a forced marriage, Cora Taylor travels from England to the Blue Ridge Mountains in search of her brother, who is working as a teacher in a mission school. She hopes to find a place where her nursing skills and independent ideas will be accepted and appreciated, but nothing prepares her for the wild mixture of isolation, community, brokenness, and hope within these mountains…or in the person of Jeb McAdams.
Returning from the devastation of World War 1 emotionally damaged, Jeb McAdams struggles against the rampant mountain alcoholism to soothe his nightmares. It’s easy to hide within the mountains, or it was, before Cora Taylor arrives. Now, she seems to show up at every turn, bringing her ideas, curiosity, and beautiful eyes with her. Their mutual understanding of the costs of war leads to an unspoken bond that develops into a hesitant friendship. As Cora turns her nursing experience and determination on establishing hygiene and education for women in the Appalachian community while also attempting to rescue Jeb from his own ghosts, Cora and Jeb’s partnership turns into a project of celebrating the gifts within Appalachia. But when the past sweeps back into their lives and an outbreak of scarlet fever threatens the future, will Cora and Jeb find a way to work together – even if it means unplanned matrimony – or will their different lives and brokenness tear them apart.

I’m a native of the Blue Ridge Mountains and lots of these stories are seasoned with smaller stories my granny told me while I was growing up. This culture is so dear to my heart and I hope you’ll feel the ‘heart of the mountains’ too as you read my Appalachian-flavored books!

Without further ado!

Here is the cover for The Heart of the Mountains!!


  1. Phyllis

    Ooooo, love it! Can’t wait to read it!! Looking forward to July! ❤️

  2. Kathy Bailey

    Peppy, I am so looking forward to this and to leaning about Laurel’s roots!
    Kathy Bailey

  3. Kathy Bailey

    Been waiting for a book exploring Laurel’s roots. I love the post World War I period and the heartbreak and beauty of your mountains.



  1. Laurel’s Dream | Laura Denooyer Author - Standout Stories - […] ending left many unanswered questions, lending itself to a sequel. Fortunately, The Heart of the Mountains looms on the horizon, coming…

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