The Everyday Romance

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I have a wonderful obsession with the BBC series Victoria.

Yes, the storyline is great!

Yes, the acting is wonderful!

Yes, the costuming is superb and the setting is fantastic.

But you know what makes it absolutely marvelous to me?

The relationships – particularly between Albert and Victoria.

(and, of course, Albert’s excellent side burns)

Aren’t they just adorable together? It’s even cute to know they date in real-life. No wonder the tender looks and excellent kissing scenes are so believable.

As a romance reader and writer, so many times the stories I read take place before a couple gets married. It’s the exciting, nerve-wracking, will-they-won’t-they uncertainty of the chase, attraction, fall, and, at long (or short) last, the happily-ever-after, but the wonderful thing about Victoria is that we get to go BEYOND the engagement kiss or the wedding day bliss.

We get to see the everyday romance.

A touch here. A service there. A conversation which appears mundane. Shared humor. Conflict resolution. Stolen moments in a busy schedule. Longing. Friendship. Trust. Tenderness.


And yes, it’s television, so it’s not going to be like our everyday romances, but it can give us pause to consider the beauty inherent within the little things.

I bet you can think of a few in your life.

dog-3148967_1920Some of mine are – the way my husband always makes sure our kids’ have remembered to feed the dog. How on EARTH is that romantic, you may ask? Well, it shows his tender-heartedness…and tender-heartedness is romantic.

What about starting your car on a cold morning so you don’t have to go out early and scrape off the windows? I’m going to cherish you by allowing you to stay warm.

pizza-3000274_1920.jpgBringing home dinner unexpectedly, I LOVE those moments! You work hard so let me take a little of the burden off tonight.

Doing dishes – seriously, I HAD to show how romantic that act was in my rom-com Just the Way You Are and my contemporary romance Charming the Troublemaker.  I want to serve you because I love and appreciate you. We’re a team!

Compliments…You’re beautiful to me.

A greeting smile when you walk into the room. You mean something special.

lamp-3128727_1920.jpgMy husband is always turning lights on for me because I’m must as comfortable in a dark room. LOL. But he wants to make sure I can see 😊 I care about you.

Running out before work to pick up Valentine’s for our youngest daughter who forgot to tell us she was having a Valentine’s party at school. That shows care and sacrifice.

Sometimes, we can get lost so much in the BIG romantic moments (or lack thereof) that we forget the everyday romances in life. Can you name a few from your life or from a television show you enjoy? Have you noticed some in others?

There’s an older couple in our church who hold hands everywhere they go.

There’s another elderly couple where the husband walks behind his wife and steadies her wobbly gait with a gentle hand to her back.

jesse-goll-555768.jpgSure, Valentine’s Day can give us:

  • A reason to dress up and go to dinner.
  • A free ticket to dose up on chocolate
  • An excuse to avoid housework and accept someone else’s devoted service
  • Or whatever the case may be

But the everyday romance starts ‘the morning after’ and the one after that…and so on. I’m not saying we shouldn’t still expect those take-your-breath-away moments, but hopefully, we’ll also recognize the sweetness of the little things too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. Phyllis

    Thank you for sharing, Pepper. You are so right. My husband looked at me funny the other day when I commented on how romantic it was how he took care of the meal prep when I got home from work exhausted. It took him at least twice as long as it would have taken me, but the effort he put into doing it and trying to make it all look nice was one of the sweetest things ever!

  2. Crystal Smith

    Love this post, Pepper! Great reminder! The other day my husband moved my car in the morning so I wouldn’t have to step over a mud puddle to get into it after all of the rain we’ve had recently. And every time he gasses up the cars, he will stop the pump on 3 cents (like $24.03). “Three” is a secret code within our family that means I love you! Simple things that mean so much more!

  3. joyofreadingweb

    Yes, it is the little every day things that mean so much!!

  4. emilee

    My husband is very romantic as well. It took me a few years into our marriage to realize he was indeed romantic. But now I see it. Everyday. We do not ride to church together because he goes in about an hour and a half before it starts but when come in and he sees me, he looks in my eyes and tells me how pretty I look. He makes me feel so special, beautiful and loved! He does so many little things to make my life easier and sweeter. I love reading love stories. I can always find ways to relate to them even though our lives may be completely different from the characters in the book.

  5. Diane Tatum

    Absolutely agreed! Love Victoria! Love the way Masterpiece is depicting their love story. Love the way my husband shows his love to me by caring for me.


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