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Upcoming: The Man Who Invented Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, right?

Chestnuts and ornaments and fire’s glow.

Stockings and wisemen and fresh snow.

It also means… MOVIES!

sounf-of-musicAny of you who know me, realize that I’m a big fan of movies, and Christmas movies? Oh YEAH!

There are SO many options and Hallmark usually kicks off the season with a whole host of fun, sweet, magical, and sentimental options. Then, of course, there are the all-time favs, The Holiday, It’s a Wonderful Life, and my brother would add Elf to the list 😉

But there’s one that I’ve watched around Christmas ever since I was a little girl. Music, family, Austria, a few of my favorite things… yep, you guessed it! The Sound of Music.

Julie Andrews, a class act and beautiful lady, paired with the devilishly handsome and charming, Christopher Plummer, bring to life a story of opposites attracting, conflict, hope, finding your dream, and embracing plan Bs.

This holiday season Christopher Plummer is teaming up with another talented (and quite handsome) actor to bring us a new Christmas favorite about one of the most well-known authors of history. Charles Dickens.

Although Mr. Dickens doesn’t have the most glowing personal history, his stories have become classics and one of his classics really brings about the beauty of second chances…and throws a few ‘spirits’ into the mix. A Christmas Carol

christmasBut this year, we get a chance to look behind the scenes of this iconic Christmas film in the movie, The Man Who Invented Christmas.

Here’s a little about the film:

The Man Who Invented Christmas tells the magical journey that led to the creation of Ebenezer Scrooge (Christopher Plummer), Tiny Tim and other classic characters from A Christmas Carol. Directed by Bharat Nalluri (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day), the film shows how Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens) mixed real life inspirations with his vivid imagination to conjure up unforgettable characters and a timeless tale, forever changing the holiday season into the celebration we know today.

THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS releases in theaters on November 22.

 Want a sneak peek? Check out a film featurette here.

LEAVE a comment and you’ll be entered to win 3 Christmas DVDs – The Sound of Music, A Christmas Carol, and Beauty and the Beast (2016)

So…as we start into this holiday season, what is one of your favorite Christmas movies?

16 thoughts on “Upcoming: The Man Who Invented Christmas”

  1. It’s an older movie, but I love The Christmas Visitor. Having our only child die at the age of 17, I can imagine the joy of getting to see and talk to your deceased child but then oh the heartbreak of having to say goodbye again. It’s a very emotional and touching movie that I love to watch every year.

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      1. Also, I’m SOOOOOO sorry for your loss. I can’t even IMAGINE what that must be like. I have a 17 year old right now and…nope, I can’t even imagine, but I’m so thankful for the hope of the Gospel that we will see our loved ones again


  2. I love “The Shop Around the Corner” which of course is the predecessor to “You’ve Got Mail” (even though it’s not necessarily a Christmas movie, it’s the only time of year it’s on). . . . . . and Polar Express? . . . . I can watch it over and over and over again. But the movie that I have probably watched the most, over the decades, in any version, is “Miracle on 34th Street”.

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    1. Oh my goodness, Rebecca!! I LOVE Miracle on 34th street!! and You’ve Got Mail!! (or the older version) and my kids really enjoyed Polar Express when they were younger


  3. While You Were Sleeping is probably my favourite Christmas movie. I DO love Sound of Music and we were just in Salzburg in October! I bought tickets for my family to see the Sound of Music musical in January (stocking stuffers so don’t tell them). I’m so looking forward to it as Salzburg was a highlight of our trip.


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