A Wounded Head…But a Healthy Heart

by | May 16, 2017 | God's grace, Pepper Basham | 6 comments

Mother's Day and Brain Injury

So, did that title snag your attention?

Well, the combination of those two things have certainly snagged mine this week.

Mothers-DayFor anyone who knows my brother, you will agree that he is an energetic, kind, sometimes silly, but super sweet kind of guy. He’s ready to give a helping hand, a big hug, a funny response, or a positive word whenever he can. He’s also a really hard worker and, as is true with most of the people in my family, he loves to talk.

Being the big sister, I’ve known him his whole life 🙂 and to be perfectly honest, he’s stayed about the same… In the best ways 🙂

Recently my brother was in a serious car accident which left him with a brain injury. If you don’t know, brains take a while to heal and the type of brain injury that usually accompanies a car accident impacts the front of the brain.

Mothers-Day 1What are some things that go on in the front of the brain?

Short term memory, focus, organization, parts of your personality, reasoning, and…inhibition—which basically means “the filter” on your words and actions has been kicked to the curb.

You could say that in a moment like this, your truest thoughts and actions emerge uncontrolled by your usual ‘catch’.

So, what are we seeing from my brother as he is continuing to heal from this brain injury?

Well, let me just tell you, the nurses have loved coming into Dustin’s room because he compliments them so much.

Every lady is beautiful.

Every guy is his buddy.

Everyone is awesome.

He’s giving an extreme amount of hugs.

Mother's Day Quote.pngHe has such a thankful heart to everyone who is helping him, and will express that thankfulness a lot, and though he’s saying some goofy and/or funny things at times, (more so than usual) his words and actions have remained sweet and kind.

And boy oh boy, he’d rather talk than eat or sleep. He has all kinds of things to say, some are on-target and some not quite, but all positive, encouraging, and kind.

Yes, God created my brother and his optimistic personality, but my mom is one of the most influential people who instilled in my brother a love for others, respect for them, kindness and joy—characteristics that are still shining through in him even though his filter is temporarily on the blink.

Mothers Day 4Moms have an amazing influence. Whether they are biological moms, adoptive moms, moms from the heart, or moms for the moment, the love, patience, kindness, and wisdom they leave behind are powerful enough to resurrect in the most trying of times.

Dustin and I are blessed to have a mom like that. A woman who loves big, who fights ferociously for her children, who believes the best in them even when she knows they could do better, and whose timeless influence reaches to the core of who we are and helps us love others well.

So even if my brother can’t remember the nurse’s name right now, he will certainly remember how to treat her.

It’s a part of his heart not just his head.

Mothers-Day 2


  1. Kay Garrett

    Mom’s are definitely a blessing. Although completely different, I can relate somewhat to your events. My Mom suffered a massive brain aneurysm several years ago. Thank God she survived the emergency surgery after been taken to a specialty hospital 4 hours away. That within itself was a miracle. Then the prognosis was dim given less than a 10% chance to survive without major complications. She beat the odds! All during her recovery, therapy and adjusting to changes in her brain, Mom still remained the calm, loving, wonderful person she had always been. Yes, she is different afterwards in some small ways, but she was still Mom. We were blessed t have her with us for 18 years after that medical event.

    Praying for your whole family that the events in the coming weeks, months will be healing and strength you all as a family.

  2. beechtreehollow

    In 1993, a large buck hit the motorcycle my dad and I were riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway as we were heading to Mabry Mill for breakfast. My dad never saw the deer nor does he remember the accident due to a severe concussion he suffered when we hit the pavement. After 20+ years he still struggles to control emotions and ‘filter’ responses, but he is still my dad at heart – Praise the Lord! May God continue to pour His healing grace over your brother and family now and in the days to come.

  3. Gail Hollingsworth

    Such a sweet post. My mom has had several mini strokes. They have changed her personality, her memory and her filters. She’s not the same person that raised me but I love her. She’s living with me now because it’s not safe for her to live on her own. Big adjustment for us both (and for my husband).

  4. Robin E. Mason

    where’s the LOVE button for this post?? Pepper, you are an inspiration, seeing the blessing in scary times, sharing the good – and honoring your mom too! blessings to you, and your family

  5. Fiction Aficionado

    Oh, Pepper. I’m crying! This is such a beautiful post! Praise God for the way He has been with you all through this, and the way He is bringing beauty from such difficult circumstances. ❤️❤️❤️ Continuing to pray.

  6. courtney207

    Pepper, this brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing this part of your life with all of us. How encouraging Dustin (and YOU) must be to your whole family with such a loving attitude! I’m praying he continues to heal <3 🙂 *Hugs*


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