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Okay, so you all know that today is RELEASE day for my first Britallachian Romance – Just the Way You Are!! YAY!

Since JTWYA is a culture clash between Britain and Appalachia, and since I’ve spent the last few Book Journey posts taking you on tour of various places in England, I’m going to give you a little glimpse into the “other” culture in JTWYA. The Blue Ridge Mountains.

Blue Ridge MountainsNow, as many of you know, the Blue Ridge Mountains hold a special place in my heart because they’re home. So bringing a book to life in the middle of this beautiful world of rolling landscapes, narrow roads, and glorious vistas fits right in.

Eisley Barrett, my heroine in Just the Way You Are, lives on the mountainous border between North Carolina and Virginia. Basically, it’s where I grew up, so I know the landscape pretty well. It’s Andy Griffith country (truly…he’s my fourth cousin).

morning-after-276010_1920The Blue Ridge Mountains are a part of the greater Appalachian Mountains (for a native’s way to pronounce this word, check out my video here). The Blue Ridge mountains run from Georgia all the way up to Pennsylvania and appear to have a blue-ish hue to them when seen from a distance.

Settled mostly by Scots-Irish, the people of the Blue Ridge Mountains are a hardy, independent lot, who have managed the isolation the mountains provide and even cultivated a distinct sub-culture of the South.

My family and I have lived in three states of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was born and raised in Virginia. We lived in eastern Tennessee for eight years, and now we are in the western part of North Carolina. For those of us who were born here, there’s a special ‘love’ for these rolling hills and unique culture. It’s home – no matter where we go.


In Just the Way You Are, there aren’t as many descriptions of this landscape where my heroine and her crazy family live, but as the Pleasant Gap Romance series continues, there will be more and more opportunities to brag about #mymountains

What place would you consider ‘home’ for you? Is there a special place in your past or present that calls your heart?

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Here’s another little Sneak Peek for you!!

EisleyJust as I expected.” Lizzie topped off her comment with a nod from the other side of the truck. “As charming and lovely as our ginger-headed friend.”

Wes couldn’t agree more. A brick box-style house appeared around the bend in the road, where branching trees bowed to meet overhead and create a tunnel of frosted green up to the white-columned front veranda. He smiled for the hundredth time since his drive from the airport. Reading about the Blue Ridge Mountains in Jonathan Taylor’s book painted a dim picture compared to the actual beauty of the surrounding landscape. Smooth, rolling mountains shaded with a misty hue welcomed his arrival into Virginia. Beautiful.

Thank you for accompanying me, Lizzie.”

I’m so happy to have come.” She adjusted her collar in the mirror and tossed him a grin. “Do you realize how long it’s been since I’ve traveled anywhere beyond Matlock? Ages.”

A good place to start, I would think.” Eisley grew up in this cozy corner of the world. The openness, the far reaches of countryside, stirred a sense of belonging he couldn’t quite explain. The front garden stretched to the surrounding wood and the drive curved almost to the house’s steps. He tensed his fists against the steering wheel, preparing for one of the most important “auditions” of his life. As the truck slowed to a stop, two large dogs raced off the veranda in pursuit.

Lizzie patted his arm, one corner of her lips tweaked in mischief. “Ah, yes, time for the knight to prove his worth, isn’t it?”

WesYour encouragement is somewhat underwhelming, Lizzie.”

Humility is a fantastic teacher, my dear boy. I’m certain you’re in for a healthy dose of it here.”

Before Wes could respond, Lizzie slipped from the truck and slammed the door. Brilliant. Humility? What on earth could she mean? The two phone conversations he’d shared with Kay Jenkins to plan this surprise visit had been pleasant enough. Not one sign of trouble.

He ran a hand over his tight jaw, took a deep breath, and opened the door to join Lizzie around the front of the truck. A golden retriever bounded toward them. Wes stepped in front of Lizzie and took the full brunt of the dog’s greeting, a jump that nearly knocked him over. The shepherd followed suit. At his firm sit command, both dogs obeyed at once. He rewarded them with a scratch behind the ears. Well, that wasn’t so bad.

To find out more, you can order Just the Way You Are in e-book or paper here!


  1. gehistorian

    I was born in MA and lived there for seven and a half years. But I now live in IA. I still call MA home.

  2. beechtreehollow

    Ah Pepper, you are speaking to my heart! I, too, am Blue Ridge born and bred. I live in the foothills of Virginia, but I love western NC, eastern TN, and southwest VA. I think our Scottish heritage still connects us to our British homeland because I swoon just to hear that distinguishing accent. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Just the Way You Are and following your Book Journeys, and I wish you book release blessings in abundance!

  3. Andrea Stephens

    Home for me will always be the rolling hills of southern Indiana. I haven’t lived there for 34 years. My mom, sister, brother, nieces, nephew and extended family all live there. My daughter and her family live in Oregon. I long to move home. One day…

  4. lelandandbecky

    LOVED this book!! I couldn’t go to sleep until I finished it. I just want to reread it again!!!! Being married for 40 years, my home is with my husband, whom I also call “Handsome” often (loved that in the book). My hometown is in Iowa, but it has been sold and both of my parents are gone. But I do still have 2 sisters who live there, so we visit often. It sure is hard to write a review for something you love so much. JTWYA is now added to my “comfort” books, the books I reread again and again. Your Penned in Time books are there also, and I listened to the first one 3 times during the Christmas season. Congratulations on a WONDERFULLY fun, captivating, and heart-swooning book that just made #1 on my FAVORITE list!!!!!!!!!!! love, love, LOVE!!!!!!


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