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seasidekisses450Well, you guys, the turnout for the Kiss or Miss Scavenger Hunt was AMAZING!!

The personal winner for Stacy’s blog post is attennos39 – so make sure you send me an email with your contact information!! WOOHOO!!!

As a recap, here was Stacy Claflin’s scene and at the end I’ll tell you whether it was a kiss or a miss 🙂

Seaside Kisses excerpt

Being next to Rafael Hunter reminded Amara of all the times she’d shared a desk with him in school. But even then, they hadn’t been this close. She could smell his cologne and their sides touched.

He didn’t seem at all bothered by it—not that she was bothered by his touch. After the spot was cleaned, he moved over and dipped the rag into the bucket. “Let’s see if I can do this next one on my own.”

“I have faith in you,” she teased.

Rafael gave her a funny look. It appeared to be a mixture of embarrassment and determination. “Thanks.” He scrubbed, removing the egg faster than even she had.

“See?” Amara asked. “I told you. It just takes some muscle.”

Rafael’s lips curved upward and he flexed his muscles, making them bulge even more through his silk shirt.

Amara enjoyed the sight for a moment and then reached back into the bucket and found another rag. “Is that a challenge?” she teased. She squeezed out the excess water and then rubbed a spot on the window.

“Hey!” Rafael laughed and attacked another spot.

They cleaned furiously, laughing the whole time. Just before they were done, Amara splashed some suds on Rafael’s face, careful to avoid his nice shirt.

“Oh, yeah?” he asked, his eyes gleaming. He scooped up a handful of bubbles and held them up, his eyes narrowing but his mouth grinning handsomely.

Amara’s mouth dropped open. She squealed and ducked just Rafael threw the suds. They splashed onto the door behind her. Amara glanced back and laughed. She turned, and just as she made eye contact with Rafael a big glob of foam splashed onto her whole face.

She froze, surprised.

“Oh, no,” Rafael said. “I’m so sorry.” But he was laughing. It was a beautiful sound.

Amara laughed, too. “It’s okay.” She wiped some of the bubbles off, flinging them onto the ground. Luckily none had gotten into her eyes, or that would have been trouble for her contacts.

“Let me help you with that.” Rafael stepped closer and wiped more of the suds from her eyes to her jawline. His hands lingered near her cheeks, almost cupping her face.

Amara’s breath caught and they stared into each other’s eyes. Swallowing, she reached up and wiped some soap from his stubble.

Neither spoke, and Amara’s heart pounded so loudly she thought it would explode out of her chest.

Rafael leaned closer—so close she could smell mint on his breath. Her eyes widened, her skin on fire. He paused, still staring into her eyes.

Are you READY???

If you guessed KISS, then you GOT it!

And Congratulations to Marylin Furumasu for the grand prize win!!

And thanks to ALL of YOU for joining us on this fun scavenger hunt for kisses.

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