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14199139_10153343514002824_1356762563924079877_nYou know, there are a lot of “Favorite Book” lists going on right now to sound-off the end of 2016. It’s a humbling and sweet experience to make one…or be shocked to make MORE than one – but I what want to turn that ‘favorites’ lists around and give a shout-out to the readers.

I haven’t words to express the depth of gratitude and joy I’ve experienced this year in building friendships and finding encouragement from so many readers. (And me not being able to find words is a big deal since I’m both a writer AND a speech-language pathologist 🙂

It’s one thing to put in the work and hours to write a story, but to turn that novel into an even more rewarding experience, God brings readers on this writing journey to travel along with authors – providing encouragement, support, and, occasionally, some good old-fashioned fangirling.

14079935_10153662835656020_251456957780422987_n2016 marked an amazing group of readers who’ve shared their sweet reviews, encouragement, shared swoons over heroes and cheers for heroines. THIS is my 2016 THANK YOU to some of these readers.

I WILL NOT mention everyone – because I’m pretty sure I won’t remember, but I Just HAVE TO try!!! (and some are from the end of 2015…but need to be included 😉 Also, for those ‘nameless’ readers who leave their reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, and all those other sites. THANK YOU!!

THANK You ALL for making this journey even more wonderful!!! There are NOT enough ‘thank yous’ or bubble hearts to add to my gratitude.

Thank you for sharing in the excitement, encouraging me through challenges, cheering with me through successes, and falling in love with these imaginary friends. I hope 2017 brings us many more journeys together.

Carrie Booth Schmidt

Meghan Gorecki

14079853_10153828592554117_914018125570508220_nBeth Erin

Courtney Clark

Bonnie Roof

Toni Shiloh

Pam Crist

Rachael Wing

Andi Tubbs

Rachael Merrit

Rachel Dixon

Sarah Monzon

Rebecca Maney

14125097_1168800629842679_8578149412124183425_o.jpgAnnie JC

Ian Acheson

Marisa Deshaies

Meloney Teague

Sydney Anderson

Katie Donovan

Nancy McLeroy

Barbara Brutt

Robin Mason

Eli Olmedo

14022219_1087853301295127_7016195141351972402_nSondra Kraak

Trisha Robertson

Sandi Frantz

Rebecca Maney

Winnie Thomas

Karen Hadley

Kristine Morgan

Becky Smith

Anne Payne

Lori Parrish

Savanna Kaiser

Stacey Jones

Caryl Kane (my hat-buddy)

Teresa Tysinger

Mikal Hermanns

Rachel McDaniel

Linda Attaway

Barbara Haropolous

Mindy Sato

Tina Turpin

Angi Griffis13716033_10209945035003185_1429152152054082388_n

Kara Boone

Sheila Stovall

Gail Hollingworth

Amy Burle

Joanne Sher

Katie Walker

Kelly Pankratz

Donna Kimpel

Linda Edwards

Jennifer Moore

Lizz Forbis

Dana Michael

Lindsey Brackett

Abbey Breuklander

Stacie Gerathy

Susan Tuttle

Lauren Jones

Sara Cooper

Lisa Powell

Rachel Stark

Amy Grochowski

Bree Herron

Amy McNew

Amy Campbell

Kristen Barkdull

Amy Cattapan (pub sis)

Claire Fullerton (pub sis)

Amanda Geaney

Deena Peterson

Becky Griggs

Faith Oygard

Jeannie Paschall

Anne Jensen

Michelle Wright

Cheryl Baranski

Sarah Ruut

Jennifer Rodewald

Tina Turpin

Dawn Crandall (who I technically met LAST year -but I’ve grown to appreciate her even more in 2016)


Top Books of 2016 lists:




















  1. Bonnie Roof

    Thank you so much – Pepper!! You are such a sweetheart and it was such an honor to meet you in person and have you participate in our CFRR. Your joy is contagious – I’m blessed by both your friendship and your writing!! Love and hugs!!

  2. Fiction Aficionado

    You are so sweet, Pepper! ❤️❤️❤️ And I’m seriously impressed you managed to get that many people on your list!

  3. Beth Erin

    Pepper! I’m humbled and completely honored to be part of your author journey and count you as a dear friend. You bless me, lady! HUGS!

  4. courtney207

    This is so fabulous and sweet! Thank you for the shout-out. It’s a privilege to be a reader and to “share” in your fictional worlds. After all, we get to learn lessons of faith AND get to swoon! 🙂 Hugs to you, Pepper!

    • courtney207

      Random side note: your blog header makes me smile every time I read “Britallachian”!

  5. Carrie

    i am so thankful God let us be friends <3

  6. Rachel Dixon

    I just love you so much! It was such an honor to meet you! AND sleep in the aame hoise aa you!!! #myPepper 😍

    • Rachel Dixon

      Wow….my proof reading skills are struggling tonight. *AND sleep in the same house as you.*

  7. Susan Anne Mason

    Awesome list, Pepper! You are so good with remembering people’s names and their stories. I’m slowly starting to make the connections, but you do it with such ease! On behalf of writers touched by these wonderful people, thank you for recognizing them all!

    • Winnie Thomas

      Susan, you are one of the new authors I’ve met this year, and I’ve loved reading your historical series. Your books are amazing. Thanks for sharing your time and talents!

  8. PamCrist

    Pepper, thank you for allowing me the chance to be a part of your wonderful Dream Team. I wish wholeheartedly that we could all meet for tea at the Biltmore!

  9. Annie JC

    Awwwww! You are sooooo sweet! The feelings are mutual! Thank you for YOU! Meeting you, reading your books and being a part of your team have been a highlight of 2016! More fun to come, right?!

  10. Trisha

    Thank you Pepper! I’ve enjoyed reading your books and getting to know you better! We are gonna have to meet in person someday! 😊

  11. Gail Hollingsworth

    Wow, I made your list! Dawn Crandall is the one that introduced me to you, thank you so much Dawn! And Jaime Jo Wright introduced me to Dawn! Full circle. I’m so thankful for authors who share the love!

  12. Winnie Thomas

    What a fun list! I’m so thankful to be counted as one of your new friends (although it seems like we’ve been friends longer than that) and to be on your book team. I’ve met a lot of the lovely people on your list through you and Carrie. I’ve truly loved the hilarious moments we’ve shared and look forward to meeting a lot of you in person in the future. Hugs!


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