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Louder101615With my upcoming release in April with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some new authors who are sharing the writing journey with me in that house. It’s my pleasure to introduce Linda Glaz and her new release, Fear is Louder than Words.

Check out that cover! Doesn’t the story look so intriguing!! Just wait until you hear about it from Linda.

Thanks for visiting today, Linda. Would you share with us the basic gist of your novel, Fear is Louder than Words?

We have no way of knowing just how difficult life can be for those in celebrity status, be it a talk show host, athlete, or medical pioneer. We only see dollar signs and assume they are happy. But life can be difficult for everyone. Louder explores these themes using creepy characters alongside a romance.
Oooo, creepy characters and romance combined!! Plus a look into the life of a celebrity! It sounds really unique and interesting.  What do you hope readers will come away with after reading your novel?
That there is always hope. That we have to be open to change, and that we have to try let people into our lives.
A theme very dear to my heart…hope! So as you developed this story, which character from this book became your particular favorite? Why?
Oh, probably Rochelle. She’s sassy, caustic at times, vulnerable, but tries to always do her best to help other people.
Nice. She sounds like a strong heroine. And speaking of heroines, as the main character of your own life, would you tell us a little about YOU – where are you from? hobbies? Best dessert EVER! Top movies of all time…you know, the basics 🙂
Oh, boy. I was raised with brothers, so I love all things boy! LOL. I love sports…go Redwings! I reffed soccer for 25 years, taught karate and self-defense off and on for 30 years. Served in the Air Force when it wasn’t a fashionable thing to do in any sense of the word. I love theatre. To watch it, be part of it-sing, sew costumes, wherever I’m needed. I directed Oklahoma at a community theatre 8 years ago, and I still have such awesome memories. Godspell and Les Mis are probably my faves. I absolutely LOVE to redo recipes so that they are grain-free sugar-free masterpieces. Best movie ever? Hmmmm…it has to be a Christmas movie. I am a Christmas-aholic! Seriously! Majorly! Completely! Maybe…A Christmas Carol. The ’38 version.
What an eclectic life!! And you’re a ‘classics’ lover I can tell 🙂
 So, what’s on the horizon for you?
I have 5 other suspense novels that I’m editing, but also starting a new suspense around the topic of bullying. We’ll see how that evolves. Mostly, right now, I’m busy getting my clients’ works out there in a market that’s really tough for new authors, but quit is NOT in my vocabulary.


Good for you!! Fortitude and perseverance are definitely dietary staples in the life of a writer 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing about your book here today! To find out more, you can check out Linda’s book, Fear is Louder Than Words on Amazon or LPC.


About Linda Glaz:

Linda is a wife, mother, and grandmother who draws most of her stories from life experiences and lifelong fears. Nothing like fear to weasel out a great suspense idea. Many of her story ideas come from her eclectic background. Linda is also a literary agent, so she stays on top of what the industry is looking for. Join her as she runs her characters through dark alleys, hospital morgues, and maybe a funhouse or two when she brings you heart-pounding Suspense Sealed With a Kiss.



  1. Amy Leigh Simpson

    lools awesome!!!

    • Linda Glaz

      Thanks, Amy, and thanks for dropping by. Love meeting new readers/authors! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Terrill Rosado

    Congrats on this new release. I have really enjoyed the the books that I have read from Lighthouse Publishing. They must have a good eye for great books. 🙂


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