Kid Conversations: Garlic? Really?

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

garlicGonna have to share about a recent twenty minute discussion my kids and I had about garlic.

Why? Well, the inevitable question that pops up when discussing garlic is OF COURSE…. vampires, right?

So the discussion with my 5 kids then moved on to why? Of all the spices…garlic?

Well, from what my older kids seemed to either ‘know’ or ‘deliniate’, garlic has a history of being recognized as a healing spice and well as one that carries supernatural abilities. Not only was it used to find the vampire but destroy them. If someone didn’t eat garlic, they were immediately suspect.

(which makes me wonder about my husband 😉 He does not sparkle in sunlight however, so maybe we’re safe 😉

This is where I added to the discussion. During the Great Plague in England, posies and herbs (including garlic) were used to ‘ward off’ the plague. (None of the kids were particularly interested in my valuable contribution to the conversation).

So…want to add to the conversation? Anyone in your family a vampire? 😉


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