A Surprising Jumpstart and Overwhelming Response

by | Apr 17, 2015 | Fiction Book Reviews | 3 comments

So I made my plans.pepperonquiltlowglow

And God chuckled.

My grand and glorious debut was all planned for May 7th – the centennial of the sinking of the Lusitania. Then…. in a wonderful surprise, my publisher sent me an email on Sunday evening that said ‘We are going digital along with Library Journal’s great review’. (I paraphrased Dawn’s words, of course)

The digital version of The Thorn Bearer went live on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, GooglePlay, and some other things that I don’t even know about, on April 13th 2015 and the response has been overwhelming.

I expected a lot of things with a book release. Hard work. Marketing ideas. Hard work. Extra emails. Temporarily less time to write.  Bad reviews. Hard work…. 🙂

But I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming kindness. The joy others expressed from my words on a page. The sweetness of readers, friends, and other authors’ support. The willingness, the ready willingness, the exhibited to share my news over and over again.

It’s been amazing, humbling, and a reminder of the beauty of gratitude.

I know the Kindle ratings are temporary and the reviews will slow down, but for this moment…it’s a reminder of the sweetness of God’s love, the beauty of friendship, the energy in spreading great news, and (I hope) the power of a good story.

Thanks to all who have made this first debut week so amazing!


If you’re interested in checking out my debut, you can find it on Amazon 

or Barnes and Noble


  1. Amy Leigh Simpson

    This makes me smile so big!

    • pepperbasham

      Thanks my sweet friend! I’m so glad to share this journey with you! So much!!!

  2. Susan Mason

    Smiling,too! So happy for you,kiddo!


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