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Barns and Memories

IMG_2285I’m a big fan of lovely barns, especially red ones. There are some well maintained (and often used) ones scattered all throughout the Blue Ridge. Now usually they don’t look this picturesque, but IF they do – I love taking a pic.

When I was a little girl my grandpa had an old, falling-in, gray barn in his backyard. In the bottom (for some reason I never really figured out), he kept a pile of old bicycles, but if I crawled up the slanting, wooden steps to the loft, there was an opening. Just outside the opening, on a beam nailed to the eave of the barn, hung a long rope.

I was one of the oldest grandkids on this side of the family. It was me and my cousin, Jason – we were the same age. He was older by four months, but dared me to jump from the top. Well, I wasn’t one to pass up a good adventure, so off I jumped, grabbed the rope on the way down, and landed in a heap on the ground below. It was probably a twelve to fifteen foot drop or so.

1374178_10202167246923344_772163999_nI looked and dared him to do it – without telling him I had rope burns on my palms and a pair of aching knees. Needless to say, it wasn’t the last time I jumped from that loft. It’s funny how I didn’t even worry about rats and snakes, which I’m sure were in that old barn. Now, thinking back, I almost cringe at the thought of what ‘could’ have happened in that barn with broken boards, bees nests, and loose nails – not to mention breaking a bone or two.

It’s funny that as a kid, I never paid much attention to the worries when there was fun to be had. What about you?

Do you have any fun memories about barns or childhood adventures? Things that you look back on now and think …. what was I thinking, but are still glad you have those memories?

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