Supper, Dinner, and Y’all Come Eat

fabio-alves-386882-unsplash.jpgIt’s a humbling experience to step outside your culture into the big, wide world. People use all sorts of different words to talk about things you thought you knew about your entire life – or at least the first 12 years of your life.

When I was twelve I had a friend who lived in the “big city” of Winston Salem, NC. Now, those of you who know Winston realize it’s not that ‘big’ of a city, but for a little girl whose city experience consisted mostly of grocery runs to Mayberry (Mt. Airy, NC), Winston was a big deal. It had a mall with ESCALATORS!! 🙂

pepperbottleWell, this friend told me that I used the wrong word for supper, so she educated me on the finer points of mealtime-talk for city folks. Breakfast was still called breakfast (whew…at least I had one of them right), but what I called ‘dinner’, she called ‘lunch’ – and what I called ‘supper’, she called ‘dinner’. It was enough to confuse a possum in the middle of a cemetery.

So – what about you? How do you refer to the 3 meals of the day? Or are you like my dad – do you just come when they call you to eat? 🙂

pepper (1)

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