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Cleaning Toilets Makes Me Think of Sin

free photo76 toiletForewarning- this is going to be a gross post. I’m talking about cleaning toilets, especially toilets used by KIDS, so if you get grossed out easily, I’d suggest you go and read something else. I’m also talking about sin – which people might find even more uncomfortable than dirty toilets (and rightly so).

I clean our toilets fairly regularly – and I mean thorough clean, but it never fails that the grunge and stink resurrect with a pungent passion by the time I clean them again. I know it’s a necessary job, but it feels fairly useless when you know it’s going to be back to yucky stench by the next clean-around.

Add to this the fact that my five children usually use the same ‘kid’s bathroom’ and you can imagine how delightful THAT toilet is. Particularly when one of my boy’s takes the toilet hole as a suggestion rather than an essential. So – needless to say – I really don’t like cleaning toilets. It’s messy, stinky, and super-gross.

But since this is a routine part of my life, I find my thoughts returning to the same theme every time I clean the toilet.



Well, as I’m scrubbing scum, three thoughts come to mind.

  1. The grossness of the project
  2. The ability for the grossness to get into places no one can see, but everyone can smell
  3. The deliberate need for deep cleansing to make sure things work and smell at their best

  – Sin is gross to God. It sticks to us and causes a horrible stench in our lives. We can’t help having it. We’re born with the stuff and it just get worse as we get older.

The perfect Creator of the universe expects perfection and we (the creation) haven’t met that standard since the first humans. The Bible says that God hates sin…even more than I ate cleaning the toilet after a little boy sleepover. It’s disgusting to him. It’s worse than the filthiest port-a-potty known to mankind. Which leaves humans in a horrible state of lostness.

Sin is sneaky. Sometimes it has this ability to hide in ‘hard to reach’ places and the only way you know it’s there is when we slip-up and show it. Or when you think you’re alone. Or when you’re angry. Just because our sin doesn’t ‘appear’ to everyone on a regular basis, we still smell the scent of it in our lives, through the thoughts we think.

Sin has to be eradicated. Unlike my best attempts to make our toilet spic-and-span and yet it won’t be ‘perfect’, God’s cleanup program is top notch. Through the love of Christ, his life, death, and resurrection, God’s made a way to clean up our sinful hearts (even in the hard to reach places) and make us fit for his Holy Heaven. It’s the only way to get rid of the overt and secret sins of our lives. He’s faithful to clean our hearts all the way through.

Now, I recognize people don’t like to talk about sin very much. I don’t know of a lot of people who like to talk about dirty toilets either, but the truth still remains, it’s there. We can close the door to the room and try to avoid it, but eventually it’s going to stink up the whole house.

Recognizing that we’re sinners in need of cleaning up, is the first beautiful step to finding the perfect cleansing program. Mr. Clean on an Eternal Level.

And thankfully, once God cleans us up, we’re clean for good. The scent is the sweet love of Christ.

It’s a good thing to remember.


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