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Somebody Like You by Beth K. Vogt

HB SomebodyLikeYou_4.inddWhat would you do if your deceased husband’s twin (a twin you didn’t know existed) showed up on your doorstep? Well, if your Haley Ames you pull a gun and ask questions later.

In Beth K Vogt’s newest novel, Somebody Like You, Haley is faced with her deceased husband’s mirror-image who has come into Haley’s life to make amends for the way he and his brother parted ways. Add into the mix the fact that Stephen is her husband’s identical twin, a gentle, charming, and compassionate guy, plus Haley is about to give birth, and you have a story worth a double take.

Seriously, I think chapter 15 was one of my favorite chapters in the book. Send a poor man home to gather supplies for a woman in labor? Hilarious! Poor Stephen Ames. (And Beth, you couldn’t have picked a better model of super hero. BRING ON the Captain!!)

And chapter 16 was hilarious too. Oh my goodness. Again…poor, poor Stephen Ames.

I think this might be one of Beth’s best yet, partly because she includes some pretty amazing kisses and partly because of the healing process which leads to a much better second chance than the first ever was. The wounded-but-tough heroine, Haley, plays her part well, but Stephen steals the show. If you want to figure out if Haley finally ‘sees clearly’ or not, check out Beth’s beautiful new novel, Somebody Like You.

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