Fiction Book Reviews

While Love Stirs by Lorna Seilstad

ImageLorna Seilstad’s newest book, When Love Stirs, is such a fun, lighthearted read. Lorna introduced us to the Gregory Sisters in book one, When Love Calls, with strong-willed Hannah as the heroine, but the sparkling personalities only intensify with Charlotte Gregory in book two. With humor, great male-female banter, two stubborn wills, and delightful historical detail, Lorna bakes up a delightful story about an out-of-control cook, a doctor who wants to keep things in order, and a musician who is out to make beautiful music with the cook. But in the messy business of love, who will win Charlotte’s heart? In her desire to change the menu at Joel’s hospital, will she be able to change the no-nonsense, Dr. Joel Brooks’ heart? Or will gentle Lewis Mathis play win her with his kindness and music?

Start your summer reading list off with this delightful story.


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