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Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade


Broken heart surprised by a second chance

and a little princess to bind the two together?

Look no further than Becky Wade’s newest novel, Meant to Be Mine. As I’ve told Becky already, this is my favorite of her books so far, and I’m pretty sure it’s all because of Ty Porter.

Celia Park and Ty Porter joined the ranks of crazy kids who get a fast-and-furious wedding in Vegas only to wake up the next day to an emotional hangover of doubt. Celia went into it fueled by a lifetime crush for Ty. Ty’s thoughts or feelings only appeared to be in the moment, so when the fairytale romance turns into a one-night stand, Celia heads home with a  broken heart and a baby girl waiting to be born.

Five years later, as Ty has gone on to become a professional bull rider, Celia has spent the time barely making ends meet and raising her daughter, Addie. She’s basically forgotten how to dream because things like paying bills and buy groceries took precident over her desire to own her own bakery. The last thing she expects, or wants is a call from Ty Porter.

But “living the dream” might be a lonely place to stay if you’re heart isn’t at rest. Ty had never been able to forget Celia and in an attempt to find forgiveness, he discovers a deep love for her and the daughter he didn’t know existed. Is he willing to give up his dreams this time for Celia? Is she willing to trust him to help her find her dreams again?

This book is definitely one to make you laugh, sigh, and get a little teary-eyed at a story of second-chances with your first love.

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