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Frozen….and the Beauty of Self-Sacrifice

Frozen4I will admit it. I’m getting a little tired of watching Frozen. It’s not because the movie isn’t cute, or the characters aren’t adorable, or the music isn’t….catchy. In fact, it’s a little TOO catchy. After having two daughters who are borderline obsessed with it, I feel like I know the characters and the songs fairly intimately. I wouldn’t be surprised if I could make facial expressions like Sven at this point 😉

But one thing of which I’ll never tire is the theme of the movie. Fear leads to isolation and conflict, while love leads to family and healing.

The biggest way this is shone is through self-sacrifice.

I’m probably going to wrinkle a few die-hard Elsa fans here, but hear me out.

Ana is my favorite character in Frozen. (she’s so charming and ‘real’ – ever hopeful and determined…and yes, an incurable optimist) I adore Olaf, for certain, and Kristoff is a cutie –and though Elsa is our anti-hero, she’s still memorable for her plight…not to mention her song, but here’s what hit me as most poignant.

Ana continues to pursue her sister, even though her sister rejects her…and ends up mortally wounding her. (even if that is unintentionally) Ana will NOT let Elsa remain alone as an outcast and rejected. She embarks on this journey in bad weather, through perils of wolves and cliffs, and even at the risk of her own life, to justify her sister before the people of their kingdom.

And in the end, when the easier answer presents itself in the form of Kristoff running toward her across an icy fjord, Ana makes the harder choice. The self-sacrifical choice. The choice which displays, as the movie states, ‘an act of true love’.

In fact, it’s true love that ‘thaws a frozen heart’ 🙂

I know Disney didn’t mean it as a great redemptive story synonymous of Christ’s love for his people – but it doesn’t get more parallel than this! Ana and her sister are separated (by her parents’ fear and Elsa’s fear) when they are younger. Ana continues to seek out Elsa. Elsa rejects her. Ana seeks her approval at the party. Elsa rejects it (because of fear). Ana seeks Elsa’s return from the Ice Castle. Elsa rejects her (and mortally wounds her sister). Elsa is captured and escapes her prison….but doesn’t return to find Ana – instead she tries to run away until Hans tells Elsa that Ana is dead. Then, as Ana sees her sister in mortal danger, she turns away from her ‘chance at freedom’ and gives up her life for her sister.

Yep – it’s there. Jesus pursues us with his ever-faithful love. At some point, in His perfect timing, His cost for freedom from our fears materializes in the picture of the cross. That self-sacrifical love, a story frozen in time, thaws our frozen, fearful hearts – our hearts that crave our own ‘freedom’ with our own ‘rules’ to be kings and queens of our own ‘futures’ and ‘kingdoms’. He shows us the awesome power of true love, the only power that provides REAL freedom from fear.

It’s definitely a story with a happy ending….Disney style.

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