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Outhouses – Single or Double?

ImageThis picture is one of my great Granny Mary holding my mom. I placed it up today because Great Granny’s house reminds me of Outhouses 😉 Let me clarify. By the time I was a little girl, most houses in the general area I traveled had indoor plumbing – but not Great Granny’s.  I had the grand and glorious experience of spending time with her at her house and….making use of the privy 😉

Thankfully, hers was a one-seater, but there were a few double-seaters around. I can’t even imagine using one of those with company. There are lots of people I love…but I’m not sure I love them THAT much 🙂

My dad tells a story about falling in one and getting trapped. NO FUN

My great uncle told a story about tricking the teacher when she went to use one.

What’s your story?

So – ever experienced the inside of an outhouse?


4 thoughts on “Outhouses – Single or Double?”

  1. Yep, the beach we used to go to when I was little had an outhouse, and the one room schoolhouse (converted into a tiny church) in the town I grew up in–one of those places you blink and miss–had an outhouse conveniently hanging off an Ozark cliff……it’s still there, sure hoping no one uses it anymore. There’s a little town down the road from us that is known for their outhouses….like everyone has one and in the fall they decorate them and this little town of like 25 people has tons of tourists come to visit the outhouses….seriously.


  2. HA, Melissa – THAT is hilarious!! A town of outhouses. You know, that’s an interesting title for a children’s book 🙂


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