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A Heart’s Rebellion by Ruth Axtell

A-Hearts-RebellionI fell in love with Ruth Axtell’s writing when I read Dawn in My Heart. Her intricacy and depth, written in such a concise way, kept the story tight and the emotions even tighter 🙂

Her newest novel, A Heart’s Rebellion, is one of her best, especially in the ‘hero’ department. I love Lancelot and his honest mannerisms and comments which set ‘polite’ society on its head. Unfortunately, Jessmamine Barry is determined to upturn ‘polite’ society in her own way – which may be her ruination. Raised in the rigid constraints and expectations of the regency world, Jessamine is ripe for a controversy which dares to threaten her future. Will love be lost – or can she see clearly what is right before her eyes.

Combining a good hearted friend, a fun mentor, and a shocking amount of ‘spectacles’, this book shines with Ruth’s lovely ability for banter, intrigue, spiritual intricacies, humor, and a beautiful amount of romance.

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